New author in the house!

Hey ladies and gents, Lt. Neutral checking in! I’ll be authoring on the TCA blog now and I wanted to give you a little something to start my go at this. If you’re reading this then I’m presuming you’re an atheist, or at least an agnostic (which is really just an atheist hiding behind a prettier word). Now, that said, sometimes I feel like we don’t ponder enough on what we really are. We are much more than just non-believers. More than just godless heathens sent by Lord Satan to eradicate the righteous systematically. Seriously, I’m kidding. We are the voice of opposition to the oppression that religion can, and often does, impose. This isn’t a good vs evil fight. Religious people aren’t evil inherently, they’ve just been decieved by a lie that can make them that way. Let’s keep that in mind. The religion is terrible but there’s still hope for the people.

As an atheist, it’s no news to you that there is a stigma surrounding the wonderful world of atheism. Mention it and people will cringe. Mention it and all of a sudden people want to know how you can possibly not believe in their god and where on earth do you get your morals from since you don’t believe in the bible. I’ll be covering a lot of those issues in later articles, but for now don’t get caught up in the stigma of it and just be proud. Yes, that bit before is directed at Christianity. Honestly, that’s what we have the most of in the south: idio-i mean, Christians. So, you may notice that some of what I will be saying through future articles may be geared toward that specific cult. Our goals involve informing people and changing things for the better and I’ll try to stick to that. But our biggest opposition is going to be from Christians, on the local level anyway.

I’ll keep this first one short, but I’ll leave you with some suggestions on things we can all do to be better at this whole atheist thing. Maybe you already do them, maybe you don’t but here they are anyway:

  1. Stay informed. This doesn’t mean you have to eat, sleep and breathe the news or our blog. Just read up in your spare time. Just knowing things is the start to making a difference.
  2. Stay active in the community. Even if you can’t come to the meetings or volunteer for events, stay in contact. This isn’t just some group of people, we all have common goals and we all should encourage and support each other whether it’s your work, family or TCA related. Remember where I called it a “community?”
  3. Prosthelytize. Yeah, I know, boooo. Not many enjoy that one. Listen, if you’re talking to someone who thinks evolution is bogus, inform them. Calmly and patiently. It can take time. Plant the seed of reason and it may just grow. If there is a social issue someone is misinformed on, then inform them. Sometimes people are ignorant and not just plain stupid.
  4. Empathize. If you find yourself talking to a religious person, Empathize with the fact that they my have been force fed that garbage since they were infants. You may be shattering their illusion and that may take time to sink in.
  5. Volunteer. If you have time or if your lifestyle and job will permit, come to the meetings or work events with those who coordinate them. Not all of us can and that’s understandable. But when you’re able, get out there and do your part to make a difference.
  6. Play Final Fantasy. Maybe it won’t make you a better atheist, but it’s fun.


I’ll be following up with some thoughts and maybe a few newsworthy stories in the near future so check back soon!

-Lt. Neutral


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